Committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability

Amexon is dedicated to the core principles of sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring the successful long-term environmental sustainability of our commercial and residential developments and the economic longevity of the communities they support.

Our Green Development Standard ensures the implementation of environmentally responsible design and building practices, reducing our environmental impact and fostering a clean and energy-efficient lifestyle.

Our buildings incorporate forward-thinking, industry-leading sustainable green features and initiatives, including green roofs, rooftop solar panels, EV charging stations, high-performance thermal building envelopes, next-generation mechanical systems and low water- and electrical-use systems and appliances.

As a member of the Green Building Council, Amexon is committed to sustainability, and to that purpose continues to develop innovative green solutions that conserve natural resources, respecting the environment and supporting viable, healthy communities – now, and in the future.